Interview with REDVERTEX Partner and Managing Director, Gustavo Capote


This year, we can confirm that we have come a step closer to our dream of making REDVERTEX a truly global studio. Our teams, consiting of professionals with a very diverse and international background, have worked with clients from all across the world. We have offices in Bulgaria, France, the United Arab Emirates and last but not least, the United States. Today, we want to introduce somebody to you, without whom our introduction to the U.S. market would be impossible. Gustavo Capote is the new Partner and Managing Director of our LA Studio.

Gustavo is originally from Venezuela. By trade, a civil engineer with a master's in animation, he has worked in 3D for over 20 years, mostly in architectural visualizations, but also in advertising and film.

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Gustavo: The first taste I got of architectural visualizations was thanks to my wife, who is an architect. I started helping her with visualization projects. A few years later, we decided to move to England, where we lived for 14 years. During that time, I worked for several companies: Preconstruct, Neoscape, GC-VFX. Seven years ago I decided it was time to go on my own and became a consultant to high-end companies like Uniform, Squint Opera, Steel Blue, and many more. As managing and creative director, I was collaborating with clients from Germany, the States, the UK and China, which was a great experience. But in the end, I was so busy travelling and it was getting very difficult for my family. I decided that we should move and settle in LA and I have been working there for the last three years.

How did you decide on making the career move towards joining the REDVERTEX team?

Gustavo: For a few years now, I have known about REDVERTEX. The first time I heard about the Studio was during a CG competition, where I was a judge and REDVERTEX received one of the awards. Back in 2017, I was looking for a new project and at the time Dimitar contacted me and we started talking. We have been following our careers very closely, so when Dimitar told me about his idea to gain more presence in the States and asked whether I would like to be involved in the project, it sounded perfect to me. I love the challenge to bring a very experienced company into a new market. It was a very easy decision. I am very excited because I think that the Studio on the technical and the artistic side has everything we need to become a reference to the architectural visualization industry, not only in Europe, but in the States.

Untitled REDVERTEX Director, Dimitar Nenov, (left) with Partner and Managing Director, Gustavo Capote

What will the REDVERTEX LA office bring to the table?

Gustavo: Based on my previous experience, the 3d industry has become more a service industry, so quality is no longer something that you can use to put yourself in front of the client. The only way that you can be ready to add value to your work is through the service. You have to be able to make sure that the communication runs smoothly and that the whole process is turned into an experience.

Gustavo: The REDVERTEX LA office is not just to support our clients, but we are looking to becoming partners to our clients in the work process. In today’s days everything is global and yeah, we can manage projects from everywhere, but being close has that extra personal touch. That is where we will be focusing our efforts. The idea is also to be more on the creative lead where we are producing not only beautiful images selling empty spaces, but we are also crafting a story and visualizing dreams.

Untitled Gustavo Capote in a meeting with REDVERTEX Director, Alexander Alexandrov (right)

How do you feel about your new role at REDVERTEX ?

Gustavo: It is a lot of responsibility. It is also a new challenge, because professionaly I have always led projects, but now I will have that extra responsibility of managing a Studio, which for me is great. I very, very strongly believe in the idea that partnerships offer a lot of new opportunities for everyone.

When will be the grand opening of the REDVERTEX LA Studio?

Gustavo: We are already talking with clients. Everyone is feeling very excited and soon we will start working on projects. The Studio is going to be ready in January and we are planning on how we are going to be growing as a team.

What does the future hold?

Gustavo: Our goals are to be THAT company that everyone’s looking up to; to let the clients know that we are the partner that they want to come back to and keep working with; to be on the creative side of the production.