"The Chamber Internationalization"


On the 19th of February, in the city of Potenza, Southern Italy, The Chamber of Architects was hosting "The Chamber's Internationalization" event. In this day a selection of projects were presented by our colleague Vito Summa, a presentation that led to a great interactivity in the audience. The presentation included general concepts, renderings and animations that we as well as our clients are very proud of. All the architects gathered together, over 32 in count, all members of The Chamber of architect of Potenza, were impressed by the high level of professionalism and the high motivation that each new project is developed with. Presented was the REDVERTEX Academy as well, one of our most significant projects that the company was focused on in the last year. To build a creative educational environment, opening the door for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and experience from the “spring”, has always been a real challenge. This is the reason why we often call the Academy our mission. The presentation ended with an open dialogue, without any borders or limitations. No one forgot the motto of the event that brought us together at one place: "The Chamber's Internationalization" We happily witness all attendees participating in the discussion with questions, expressing their desire to learn more about our work along with the rest 167 attendees connected in streaming from different parts of the region.