Design and / or functionality


This year "Ideal Standard Bathroom of the Year" asked the following challenging question to architects and designers - which is leading: the design or the functionality. In REDVERTEX we know the answer to that question: Both. Rissica Radomirova visualized the synergy between these two opposite poles in her project "Exotic" and showed how they can go hand in hand. This project ensured her the first prize in category The Ideal Bathroom Tonic II. Ignat Georgiev took the “ Partner’s Prize" with his project called "Breeze". He was also focusing on finsing the harmony between design and functionality in the bathroom space. The prestigious competition was held for the twelfth time and was attended by 51 participants. The main competition categories were: The Perfect Bathroom Tonic II, The Optimized Bath Space and The Innovative Bathroom. The jury was presented by 24 specialists who examined the projects and about 5 000 people participated in the online voting.