REDVERTEX creates futuristic visuals for Central Singapore healthcare region - Health City Novena


From left: Vasil Kirov and Ivaylo Kovachev, the Health City Novena project managers

In the late 2012, the REDVERTEX 3D and post-production teams were appointed to work on an interesting request by trailblazing international architecture firm, Broadway Malyan (BM).

“BM is one of our biggest clients and when we receive our assignments from them, we always know that our work will be dynamic, but very challenging,” noted Ivaylo Kovachev, designer and one of the leads of the Broadway Malyan project.

The background the team had was: BM were contacted by the National Healthcare Group of Singapore to create a masterplan where separate medical buildings in the Central Singapore region of Novena were integrated to create Health Care Novena.

BM needed the help of REDVERTEX for the visualization of their ideas. They asked our 3D and post-production teams to create 10 CGI and a five-minute video.


“Our clients were very keen on having the concept of the integration of the separate buildings illustrated with a walk through video, with plenty of animation and long-spanning cameras,” remembered Vasil Kirov, the project manager and team-leader at REDVERTEX. “The scale of everything was immense.”

The work for BM was completed within the 10-month period and was ready for the official launch.

The final product broadcasted by the Ministry of Health of Singapore was a video which took viewers on a flight through the busy and bustling streets of Health City Novena. Soaring by the separate buildings, audience members could race with an ambulance, whirl around a busy bridge, ride a shuttle bus and discover for themselves the future of healthcare.

Vasil commented: “In the end, our project was a complete success, receiving much media attention and praise. Our team is happy to have had this experience and to have been part of this prestigious architectural task.”

Work on the Health City Novena is to be completed by 2030.