REDVERTEX creates visuals for The World’s first ‘Floating Seahorse’ villas project in Dubai


Have you ever dreamed of being able to explore the deep, vast ocean floor from the viewpoint of a sea creature? With REDVERTEX’s latest project, you don’t need gills to go under the sea- just take a deep breath and dive!

Capturing the attention of international media platforms: from South Africa to the Times Magazine, the ‘Floating Seahorse’ project submerged viewers to showcase luxury amidst the Persian Gulf in Dubai.

Back in 2015, Kleindienst developers asked the REDVERTEX team to create CGIs and an animation video to showcase their project. The visualizations helped breathe life into the floating houses and depicted their surrounding sea-life in the smallest detail.

Dimitar Nenov, who managed the project on the REDVERTEX side, felt that working on the ‘Floating Seahorse’ was something very special, ‘because this is one of the most ambitious projects in the world’.

Check out the video our team created for the 'Floating seahorse' villas.  

“I wasn’t a big fan of the more luxurious properties because they used to separate humans from nature”, explained Dimitar. “I’m happy that the latest trends in architecture are changing this. ‘Floating Seahorse’ is one of these properties trying to connect people to their surroundings.”

In the period of a single year, the REDVERTEX team were able to create the ‘Floating Seahorse’s’ CGIs- which have become an iconic representation of the project itself, as well as a video, which has been broadcasted multiple times across different media platforms.

Ivan Baychev, REDVERTEX CG Artist, who was responsible for the interiors of the project, remembered that the four teams, in the fields of interior and exterior design, animation and post-production, worked very well together. “We all understood one another in what we wanted to achieve and we supported each other along the way.”

Commenting on the project itself, Ivan revealed that this is one of his favorite projects that he has worked on. “I was very satisfied in how we were able to combine and showcase the surrounding sea-life alongside the interior of the floating house.”

Being a big fan of marine life and scuba diving, Dimitar was really happy with how the underwater bedrooms with the glass walls turned out. “It will be mesmerizing to wake up and see all that beauty in front of you!”

We, at REDVERTEX, can’t wait to dive into the next challenge!

Ivan Baychev and Dimitar Nenov

Ivan Baychev and Dimitar Nenov looking through the catalog for the project.