REDVERTEX visualizes the future with Emprasa Smart City


If you think that the future of real estate and architecture is headed west, towards Europe and the States, think again!

Located amidst the bustling city of Bangalore, Emprasa Smart City is a place of your wildest dreams, which seems to unite the universes of some of the most popular sci-fi movies of our time (to name a few- Matrix, Star Wars and even Inception) to create a co-working, co-habiting space for the digipreneur of the 21st century.

And, as might be expected, REDVERTEX also had their hands in helping to create the visuals for this ground-breaking project.

Global architects, Broadway Malyan , were in contact with our company and thus we had the team of Snezhina Mateva assigned to help depict the future of India.

Snezhina commented: “This project is a massive urban intervention- it has the scale of a new part of a city”.

Snezhina Mateva and Boris Zhivkov visualizing Emprasa

Boris Zhivkov and Snezhina Mateva discussing the visuals of Emprasa

Work on Emprasa Smart City was over the span of two months and had multiple stages. The final product are two aerial images - one overlooking the entire project and a close-up of the centre and the public space.

“The visuals we created are absolutely stunning, holistic and very realistic,” mentioned Snezhina. “This is because our team paid special attention to the details of the buildings”.

 Georgi Bonchev managed the project in the very beginning. His 3D work included working on the surrounding landscape and the buildings.

Georgi said: “My favourite part of the project itself is the balance between different areas. The project offers high building density, yet there is a lot of space, dedicated for parks, entertainment and public services”.

Boris Zhivkov took over along the final stages of the project: “I’m very proud of the final product we created. I think that as a whole our team was very flexible, dynamic and handled the whole project with the professionalism it required”.

In the end, the Emprasa Smart City has received international acclaim- receiving the award for the “Most Innovative Project of the Year”.

Across all platforms, the visuals created by the REDVERTEX team were shared and distributed.


Welcome to the future: Emprasa Smart City!