It’s another busy Friday at the REDVERTEX office. The only sounds audible are the click clack of the keys of many keyboards, the click clicks of hundreds of mice, scrolling up and down.

The ordinary Friday humdrum is suddenly pierced by a vivid cheer:

“The food is here! The food is here! Everybody UP!”

And this sound comes from our studio’s heart-  Kristina Dikova. Cartwheeling up and down our aisles she always knows how to bring a smile upon our grey skies. We all know her as this crazy, wild spirit, which you can never attain, a sunny mixture of smiles, of laughs, of life.

But in reality, who is Krisi Dikova?

Krisi 1

Sitting down for her first ever interview, Krisi brings along a cup of coffee. Even though she doesn’t drink any, the espresso it to serve as a good luck charm- she explained to me that it is to bring her a bit of courage and a sense of confidence.

Reny: “Can you tell me who is Krisi?”

Krisi: “At this exact moment, I can’t tell you who I am or what I am, because I still haven’t found my true self. All I know is that Krisi Dikova is a girl of many faces.”

Reny: “What is the main face of Krisi?”

Krisi: “It is the one filled with goodness and laughter. The main Krisi- the main person who I am enjoys to communicate with people, to make them laugh.

“I try to show the world this Krisi, instead of one who is constantly in a bad mood. A Krisi, which never wants to communicate with anyone and can easily get annoyed is whom I try to stay away from.”

Krisi 2

Reny: “Is there something constant between these two Krisis?”

Krisi: “I definitely love to draw. I was inspired at a young age by my high school art teacher- Ivan Gongalov ( a very famous Bulgarian artist), who at first showed interest in my art.

“He guided me through the world of art and motivated me so that I began to draw every single day.

“I, at the time, was a huge fan of the comic books of W.I.T.C.H. I could feel the illustrations and the stories- I knew that this was where I belonged. But in university, my so-called muse went away, because I was taken as a part of a whole.

“Then, in my second year of studies, one of my friends showed me the world of digital art. This became the thing, the constant, which has stayed with me and is at the essence of who I am.”

"My Dream" by Krisi Dikova

Reny: “Tell me who you are as an artist and try to define your art.”

Krisi: “My essence, as an artist is that I’m very self-critical. I believe that without this quality, I would never be able to progress.

“As for my art, in the eight grade, I created my first character- Shricka Moore. She is a reflection of who I want to be- the better me in a more global and more personal way; she lives the life I want to have.

“Shricka loves art and animals and is always surrounded by her friends.  I like to have her reflect on real-life problems. I constantly keep on transforming her to my taste. I will stop when I am satisfied with her.”

  Shricka is Krisi's first original character.

Reny: “One of the paintings on your ‘Deviantart’ profile, which I found really interesting, is the one with the little witch and the hen.

“Can you please tell me a little more about it?”


Krisi: “The illustration is called ‘The Little Witch’ and hence shows the little witch- Margarita and her hen- Penka.

“These are the central characters of my graduate work-  six illustrations, which take inspiration from my grandma’s house, located in a village near Veliko Tarnovo.

“The illustrations, more specifically, will show the village house, as well as items of the Bulgarian traditions and culture.

“I have decided to work on these characters and setting, because for me my grandmother's house is magical: it has a very special connection with nature. It is the place I most often visit in my dreams.

“As well, my grandma's village holds many dear memories. This is the place where I learned how to ride my bicycle. I used to visit my neighbors’ houses all the time, so that I could play with their animals and learn more about how to take care of them.”

Krisi Dikova An illustration of Margarita and Penka in the house

Reny: “What do you like to draw?”

Krisi: “My drawings are a way with which I can express myself- they reflect what I see, what I would like the world to be.

“I like to illustrate my dreams  and who I want to be, where I want to be at, and the path which I want my life to take.”


Reny: “What do you dream about?”

Krisi: “I want to live in Switzerland (laughs ironically) ...

“I want to be surrounded by many animals. I dream about having three dogs (a German Shepherd, a Collie, a St. Bernard), a bunny, an ocelot a capucian monkey (like Pippi Longstocking), an eagle or falcon. Basically I want to have a farm.”


Reny: “What do you do at REDVERTEX?”

Krisi: “I work in the post-production department; I work on ready renders.

“I’m also responsible for creating my colleagues' office birthday cards.

“The cards symbolize the person- who they are, what they do, and where they will travel.”

Reny: Who are you professionally? What have you learned by working at REDVERTEX?

 “Professionally- I aim to be the best. I am very ambitious.

“At the REDVERTEX studios, I have learned how to show consistency in my work and to be patient.

Krisi 3

Reny: “What is your favourite REDVERTEX project?”

Krisi: “Recently, I worked on a project with a huge food court. The picture which I had to create was on eye-level.

“I had to arrange a lot of scenes showcasing stories about people. In the end, the court didn’t seem huge and empty anymore.

“Also, I enjoy working on projects with glass elements- I can work on these sort of images for hours.”

Birthday cards Some of Krisi's creations for our colleagues at REDVERTEX


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Krisi's house near Veliko Tarnovo Krisi's family home near Veliko Tarnovo