COMING SOON: REDVERTEX Academy with new curriculum


On the 22 May, the latest session of the REDVERTEX Academy will introduce to its students a brand new set of skills.

The Academy will now offer an insight into post-production, taught by REDVERTEX CGI Artist, Tsvetina Dimitrova.

“The process of post-production is at the heart of the beautiful illustration,” explained Tsvety. “If you want to bring the raw render to life, you need to be artistic and to know how to have fun.”

 The magic of post-production

A render with and without post-production.

Tsvety will be teaching the Academy’s students the whole post-production process: from getting your render ready to applying masks, layers, passes, regions, matching people and retouch.

The May edition of the Academy will also have a change in its approach to learning. Ognian Nedyalkov, head of the REDVERTEX Academy, mentioned:

“Each and every session of our REDVERTEX Academy has become better. Our May group will be doing more and more practical tasks to develop our 3d skills.”


Ognian Nedyalkov (pictured fourth from the left) with a previous group of the Academy.

 “Our whole curriculum is focused on raising our students’ career perspectives,” said Ogi. “In recent years, the Bulgarian architect has become an almost extinct creature. We at REDVERTEX Academy provide an alternative to this typical career pathway: visualizations.”

“As well, the REDVERTEX opportunity goes out even further: some of our best students have later on taken jobs at our office,” remarked Ogi. “The result of the Academy’s last session, was the introduction of two brand new colleagues to the REDVERTEX teams. One of which is currently working on her very first project.” 

The REDVERTEX Academy was created in 2015; it is the first educational center of its kind in Bulgaria to teach students 3ds Max.

REDVERTEX Academy: project

REDVERTEX Academy student's work.

This year, the new session will begin on May 22nd and will continue for three months. The lessons will take place three times a week between 18:30 and 21:00, in the evening. Through the course, the students will receive three examinations. If passed, they will receive a recognition, certified by the first licensed VRay trainer in Bulgaria.

The Academy’s curriculum includes modelling, compositing, lighting, texturing, VRay settings, rendering, as well as plugins and scripts, i.e. Forest Pack and Railcone.

Our course has a group limit, if you are interested message our Facebook page or get in touch with us at

REDVERTEX Academy: Desertpodracer

May the force be with you - May 22, Redvertex Academy!