REDVERTEX Presents Our New Directors (Part 1): Alexander Alexandrov


REDVERTEX’s ninth birthday is fast approaching. Through the years that have passed, we have had quite an experience. We have grown to over 130 employees! We have done projects with some of the biggest architectural studios in the world.

And with great power comes great responsibility, as is known to all. Thus, in the form of two separate stories, we would like to present to you our two new directors, Alexander Alexandrov and Dimitar Nenov.

Part 1 of this blog post series will acquaint you with our colleague, Alexander .  Alex met one of our studios’ partners, Dimitar Rashkov, at a CG forum in 2010. Later that year, he launched his career at the REDVERTEX studio as a CG Artist.

Find out more below about Alex’s journey to reach the REDVERTEX.


Alexander Alexandrov

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Alexander Alexandrov. The three things I love the most are Rock/Metal music, video games and science fiction. My passion for 3D came from video games about 12-13 years ago. I started learning 3D Studio Max in my spare time, while I was studying for my engineering degree at the Technical University of Plovdiv. At the time, I was working as a consultant at a store for Italian furniture, where we also offered our clients interior design services in the form of sketches or CAD drawings. With my employer's approval I started offering our clients 3D visualizations as well, consequently developing my skills. It was there and then that my interest in CG took the form it has today – architectural visualization. Since then, this is the only profession I've practiced, working freelance or in various interior design studios.

2. Recently you were promoted as Director at REDVERTEX. What responsibilities does you new position entitle?

Besides my current responsibilities as team leader and project manager, I've been delegated the responsibility of managing one of our two bigger offices here in Sofia. In addition, I will also have the task of a more in-depth Quality Control (QC) of our services, as well as working for an even tighter collaboration with our current and future clients. Forming long-lasting business relationships is and always will be REDVERTEX's top priority.

3. What were your initial feelings, when you learned that you have become a director?

For the most part the feeling was of happiness and fulfilment for the trust and recognition I've been shown. I also felt a bit of tension mixed in, from the upcoming new responsibilities and how well I would rise to the challenge. Overall, I felt honored! For me this is a new challenge and it reveals new horizons.

Alexander Alexandrov

4. What does “REDVERTEX” mean to you?

When I became part of the REDVERTEX team, the company was a lot smaller and was just taking its first steps on the global market. We were a handful of people in a small studio – the rest was enthusiasm and aspirations. For me, the feeling of being part of an endeavor from its very start and seeing how your work actively contributes for its development is comparable to growing a tree – the more effort and passion you put into it, the stronger and healthier it grows and the more branches it has. And when you climb up the tree you feel surefooted and your gaze stretches further. We came a long way in a short time and we have no intention of stopping now.

5. Were you able to fulfill your dream project from the questionnaire on our website/ a video with more cinematographic elements and more interactive visualizations/? What is your next dream/ purpose?

I would say that the project for the S'Estada Mallorca shopping center was very challenging for me and the team. It involved many different elements and techniques from the architectural animation field; including actor casting, directing, as well as two full days of camera shooting – one in a green-screen studio and one in a live environment. This type of projects are very appealing to me because they require more than just 3D rendering. There is more creativity in them; they are livelier and give you the opportunity to become a story teller/ narrator. I wouldn't say that I've fulfilled my dream project – my professional dreams are like "carrot on a stick". There is always something that could be done better. On top of that, the equipment and software in the field are improving by the minute. I would say that my next dream-project is of the same type; it is where I will have the artistic license to tell the story as I see it and at the same time have the opportunity make the 3D part better and with more effects.

Alexander Alexandrov