REDVERTEX Presents Our New Directors (Part 2): Dimitar Nenov


REDVERTEX’s ninth birthday is fast approaching. Through the years that have passed, we have had quite an experience. We have grown to over 130 employees! We have done projects with some of the biggest architectural studios in the world.

Last month, we met you with one of our two new directors, Alexander Alexandrov.

Part 2 of this blog post series will acquaint you with our colleague, Dimitar Nenov. In the beginning, Dimitar thought that REDVERTEX was simply a one-summer-off job.

Read on to discover how REDVERTEX became an indispensable part of Dimitar’s life.

1.Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Dimitar. I’m a huge fan of natural and technical science.  As well, I like to experiment with new technologies and research renewable energy sources. At REDVERTEX, my current responsibilities include managing my team, working on projects with different scales and client communications.

2. Recently you were promoted as Director at REDVERTEX. What responsibilities does you new position entitle?

My responsibilities have not drastically changed. I continue to work on some of the most interesting world-wide projects, but part of the project and team’s management will be taken on by younger colleagues, who have already proved their capability of completing these tasks.

New REDVERTEX Director: Dimitar Nenov

3. What were your initial feelings, when you learned that you have become a director?

In the beginning I had a lot of mixed feelings. At first I was very happy, but then this feeling changed into worry for the huge responsibility, which my new job position would bring about.

4. What does “REDVERTEX” mean to you?

During the last few years, REDVERTEX transformed from just a job for a single summer to a huge part of my life. Here, I was able to work on unbelievable projects, to visit place, which I never thought I would see, and meet with amazing professionals.

5. Were you able to fulfill your dream project from the questionnaire on our website/ finishing your diploma project/? What is your next dream/ purpose?

I am still working on it, but I hope that in a months’ time I will have completed it and defend it in front of the commission.

New REDVERTEX Director: Dimitar Nenov