REDVERTEX Visualizations of Abu Dhabi’s Reem Central Park


The REDVERTEX Studio portfolio includes one of Abu Dhabi’s biggest urban developments, opening in 2018 - the Reem Island Central Park.

The 3D team working on the AECOM brief was led by Ivaylo Kovachev and included Todor Peleev and Viktoria Stoeva. The final product were four aerial view and two human eye level CGIs in high resolution.

The AECOM vision was quite simple: they wanted to create a safe haven amidst the busy city of Abu Dhabi.

Todor commented: “The Reem Central Park is created in such a way that it offers its visitors a wide range of experiences and activities: from solitude to reflect and peaceful strolls among greenery to different entertainment - sports, a playground for the children, a skate ramp, shopping retail section and restaurants near the coastline, which I really liked.”

Shams Park by the Seaside


Regarding the rendering process, Ivaylo explained: “The project went quite smoothly on our end. We divided the work according to regions and from then on started working on developing the 3D.”

The team was divided likewise: Ivaylo took on the very ‘exclusive’ coastline area, while Todor took on the zone around the mosque and the green areas.

Viktoria had the task to render the area of the more ‘extreme’ activities; this included the skate park, a climbing wall and the children’s playground.

“Creating this part of the project was very interesting for me, because I am a huge fan of extreme sports,” commented Viktoria. “The area, which I had to model was located underneath an already existing bridge and the feel of my render had to be more urbanistic. I firstly created the viewer’s depth perception by placing different ramps and rails. You may note that the CGI itself has different layers, with the rock climbing wall and playground located in the back drop. The final stage was to breathe some life into my render. Madlen Arabian from the post-production department helped me with this by “spraying” some graffiti on the bridge.”

The Shams Central Skate Park



The next stage was to create a unity within the CGIs' mood. 

“Our post-production team was of great help to us with this part of the 3D process,” noted Todor. “They used the client’s references to experiment with color-moods. In the beginning, they created a more mystical and shadowy atmosphere and tried different variations until they achieved the final result you see today.”

The visualizations produced by the team are currently used for the marketing campaign of the Reem Central Park project, which will open its doors in 2018. The $68 million-worth Reem Central Park project is part of the development plan 2030 for Abu Dhabi and its suburbs.

“The Middle Eastern countries always have a specific design wise specification, when it comes to their architecture. I have had the chance to visit the UAE and have discovered that the architecture, which can unite the religious with the commercial is what makes the whole Gulf a unique destination,” believes Ivaylo.

The Park's View