REDVERTEX Academy: Tsvetina Dimitrova


Tsvetina Dimitrova notes that her first true love is REDVERTEX

During her two years at the Studio, she has had the chance to see both aspects of the work process. On the post-production line, Tsvetina has worked with Kleindienst on “The Floating Seahorse”; VX:“Mashtal” and Azizi: “Mina”. Her 3D portfolio includes: Broadway Malyan’s “Adastral Park”and “Dubai Creek Harbour”; Callison RTKL’s “Dubai Hills Mall” and Atkins’s “Edge”. 

During the day, Tsvetina describes herself as a young Architect and CG Artist, and at night time she becomes an amateur chef / swing dancer. Tsvetina has been teaching post-production at the REDVERTEX Academy since May, 2017.

“With time, Photoshop and 3ds Max turned into my tools to creating new realities, which can sometimes come to life before me for a few days, sometimes for just a few hours. The possibilities I have before me are endless and the only limit I have is my imagination.”