REDVERTEX Academy: Krasimir Savchev


CG Artist Krasimir Savchev has been at the REDVERTEX Studio for about a year now.

He has had the ability to work on some very challenging projects, including “Bee’ah Sharjah”, “Walton Court” and “Sirocco Quays” with Broadway Malyan; “Richmond Track” with DLR Group and “Curio Hotel” with Design LSM.

Krasimir has a doctorate in Engineering Design from the University of Forestry in Sofia, where he has taught “Presentation of Design Projects” and “Computer Design for Furniture”.

Linear primitives, edit poly and modifiers are the subjects, which Krasimir will bring to the table of the REDVERTEX Academy.

“I love to create in many design fields. For me, the right visual representation of a certain idea is amongst the most important steps in developing a given project.”