REDVERTEX Academy: Hristo Rizov


Architect and REDVERTEX Associate CG Artist, Hristo Rizov is fascinated with visualizations. Architectural visualizations to be precise.

Our Studio’s sarcasm provider has been very busy for the past two years. The brief portfolio of his team includes “Dolce Vita Tejo” with Pragma; “Porto Island” with Broadway Malyan; Callison RTKL’s “Dilmunia Canal” and “Saadiyat”; “Yas Acres” with AECOM.

Hristo’s diploma work was also selected to represent the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in the Archiprix 2017Ahmedabad.

He will enrich the REDVERTEX Academy’s curriculum with his knowledge of composition and camera angles.

“I take this first lecture as an opportunity to develop myself, as well as the people, who want to learn more about the art of the architectural visualization.”