REDVERTEX Academy: Kiril Alexandrov


While working on a few interior visualizations, for a university project, Kiril Alexandrov came face to face for the first time with ‘endless opportunities to create beautiful things’. Ever since then, his passion for the world of 3D has evolved into a lifestyle.

As an Associate CG Artist at the REDVERTEX Studio , Kiril and his team have worked with Callison RTKL on “Dubai Creek Harbor” and with Broadway Malyan on “Invernada”, “North Yas” and “Lousia Ryland House”.

Part of Kiril’s day to day responsibilities include managing projects with a brand new REDVERTEX team and mentoring the company’s interns.

Having the expertise in teaching for five consecutive sessions at the REDVERTEX Academy , Kiril will continue this edition with the 3ds Max plugins Forest Pack and RailClone.

“What I love best about the profession of the 3D Artist is when in the end you get to see the final product and you can look back on the challenges you have gone through. For me, the REDVERTEX Academy is a chance to spark up our student’s curiosity, in the same way my interest was ignited.”