REDVERTEX Academy: Kubrat Tomov


Eleven years ago, Kubrat Tomov came face to face for the first time with 3ds Max.

From a day-to-day hobby , Kubrat has been working at the REDVERTEX Studios as an Expert of CG for about seven years now.

Some of his projects include: Broadway Malyan’s “Sestada”, “El Mreisa”, “1700Ha”, “Abuja Masterplan” and Callison RTKL’s “DCH Colonnade (Santiago Calatrava)”, “Rabat Mall” and “Avenues Mall”.

With a degree in education, Kubrat will be the Academy’s lecturer in the basics of animation. Discover how to move objects, create cameras, animate values and much more.

“For their first lecture, students should definitely come with a positive mind set and curiosity. A little bit of courage would also help them, as every new beginning is difficult. Bringing along a writing utensil is also recommended, as there will be so much information.”

Find out more about Kubrat: “The Magical World of Kubi