REDVERTEX Image of the Month: Galin Yordanov


Take a peek inside the glass doors of the REDVERTEX Studios and you will discover a parallel universe. You will find seated shoulder to shoulder a bunch of unique characters. Architects and interior designers; woodcarvers and artists, all working together in unison to create. The heart and soul of our Studios is talent.

We at REDVERTEX want to nurture this talent, help it grow and blossom into passion, curiosity and thirst for more. Thus, we have composed our very own forum, for the most imaginative of us. Each month, a colleague from our teams receives a raw 3ds Max file. It includes a single figure or shape presented in any angle with any lighting effect. Their "project" is to let their imagination run wild and to devise a contraption, which would satisfy their inner strive for perfection, without any boundaries, nor limits.

This month, our post-production illustrator, Galin Yordanov , was tasked to mold out his vision from a single sphere.

Read his interview below to find out more.


RV: What inspired you to create this particular image?

Galin: I am a huge cineaste and for me, it was completely natural to create something, which could come right out of a movie screen. The new-age fantasy cinema loves to go back to its roots, reviving in recent years classics such as "Blade Runner" and "Tron". Style wise, the neon lighting is perhaps the element which could be found uniting these blockbusters and it is precisely what inspired me. In my work, I tried to develop the eternal theme: the battle between good and evil.

RV: How is this confrontation represented in your illustration?

Galin: It all began with a red sphere at the bottom left corner of the screen. Nothing else. I love circles, spheres and all shapes relating to them. One of the methods used in visualizing any form of art is contrasting shapes, colours, tones. (e.g.: edgy - round, light - dark, hot - cold, etc.). In this scene, the good is represented by the robot, a machine made up of disks, composed of spherical details and perfectly polished surfaces. "The Evil" on the other hand is represented by edgy, scattered structures; by the woman. In thousands of fairy tales, the female architype is embodied by the evil queen. She has to be defeated. The interesting thing here is that "the good" is represented by an inanimate object, while "the evil" is living. It is often that pain and unhappiness have echo for a much longer time rather than happiness and the rest of the positive emotions. :)

REDVERTEX Galin Yordanov: Angel_Robot_Fight

RV: Where can we find the sphere in your visualization?

Galin: The sphere, as a symbol of perfection, makes up the robot: the symbol of goodness. Of course, this idea is valid only in this case. In itself, evilness can be seen as something complete and perfect.

RV: From a technical point of view, what were the specifics of the given illustration? How long did it take you to create this illustration?

Galin: There were not any technical specifics, I just painted and matte painted. It took me around a week to create this image.