REDVERTEX visualizations for "Thailand Digital Park"


One of the perks of being part of REDVERTEX is having the opportunity to work on visualizations for global studios. But, this can sometimes be quite a challenge due to the huge time zone differences.

Take for example REDVERTEX’s latest visualizations for Broadway Malyan’s Singapore office. Our team literally had to race the clock; they had just 10 days to create three master plan renders and a two-minute long animation.

Find out more below how Director of CG, Vasil Kirov, and CG Artists, Desislava Valkova and Krasimir Savchev, tackled the “Thailand Digital Park”.

 Thailand Digital Park Master Plan 1

The concept of the digital park is to innovate the fast developing Si Racha region in the sphere of technology.

"The Broadway Malyan team had included a lot of different building models in the design – there were robotics and research centers, satellite earth stations, international submarine cable stations, etc.,” Vasil notes. “As a fan of digital technologies, modelling these elements was very interesting for me.”

 REDVERTEX's Vasil, Krasimir and Desislava

3D Production Process

The development of the renders and animation followed a few stages, the first of which was modelling the buildings and the surrounding landscape area.

“At the start I modeled a few building clusters close to the park area and later I was responsible for the roof gardens and their updates,” remembers Krasimir. “My camera position presents the core of the project – the Digital Park Center and IOT Institute. These are surrounded by a lot of innovative hi-tech building clusters, including a latest generation University with a running track on its rooftop.”

Thailand Digital Park Master Plan 2

After developing the models, each team member took on a CGI and they worked together on the animation.

Desislava felt very excited to be part of the team. She recalls: “This was the first animation, which I have ever taken a part of. I really enjoyed working on the details of it and am really looking forward to working on more projects with animations."

REDVERTEX's Vasil, Desislava and Krasimir

"Projects with masterplans are always very specific,” explains Vasil. “There is always a lot of work to be done on these types of renders. The most interesting part of working on masterplans is determining how much detail you need to include, in order to recreate a feeling of life and realism, without wasting too much time."

The post-production for the CGIs was taken on by Artur Panov, Grigoriya Nikolova, Kristina Dikova and Kristina Zlatareva.

Thailand Digital Park Master Plan 3