REDVERTEX Image of the Month: Maya Syakolova


DO you remember how last month REDVERTEX artist, Galin Yordanov , transformed a single red sphere into an intergalactic battle between good and evil?

This month, post-production illustrator, Maya Syakolova, unveiled a whole new world for us. Have a peek through her window to find out more below.

RV: Window Frame

RV: What is your window revealing?

Maya: This illustration represents one of my favorite concepts - "dream without fear". As most people get older, they get sucked into their everyday problems, which leads them to have many fears and no dreams. Instead of imagining what could be beautiful, they start thinking only about the negative aspects of everything. For example, people start saying: "I'll go on holiday by the seaside, but it will probably be rainy all the time." They are not imagining the lovely holiday, but the horrible weather. This for me is the fear. This is the flipped perspective in my illustration - you start looking out of what is beautiful, but rather at something that is quickly falling towards you.

RV: What is the inspiration behind this project?

Maya: As you may know, the window can symbolize many things, both literally and metaphorically. For me, this window became a fountain of ideas and inspiration. I wanted to show something more dramatic, dark, even psycho and to let my audience use their imagination.

RV: "Dream without Fear

RV: What do the separate details of your illustration symbolize?

Maya: The girl is the dreamer: she wishes to fly. The fall and the ravens are the fear. I have used ravens to bring about a feeling of drama as they have a more mystic feel about them. In children's films - the witches are always with ravens and black cats, not with butterflies and parrots. Here, the flock is chasing the person, who has not yet fallen, but they are slowly descending towards him. For me this is the main contrast of the illustration: the woman dreams of flying outside the window and she suddenly sees somebody falling towards her so she doesn’t allow herself to actually fly, because she knows that gravity exists. You have to be a brave idealist in order to dream.

RV: How did you create this illustration?

Maya: In the beginning, I had planned to use my tablet to draw. My only problem was that I couldn't find my pen, so I had to change my game plan. I used all types of techniques (even a few which I devised) to achieve this feeling of pressure, which is usually only possible with a pen. I also used this project to explore the latest version of Photoshop. I had to study many new functions, but they made my job easier. I used my whole bunch of skills and knowledge for this illustration. It took me about three or four days to create.

REDVERTEX Artist, Maya Syakolova

RV: Do you have a favorite element?

Maya: I really like how much details I was able to draw for the woman. The coolest part for me was finding this incredible texture for the skin. I have included it within the light sections, which can only be seen in high resolution.

RV: What do you dream about? What are you afraid of?

Maya: My dream is for the human race to evolve and be more awake - for there to be no money; for us to turn into a better, more humane race with no malice, fear, hunger and sicknesses. I am really scared of heights. To conquer my fear, I have bungee jumped. This did not help. I only realized that I can throw myself from any height without looking downwards.

Maya’s REDVERTEX portfolio in post-production also includes the following:

RV Post-production work by Maya Syakolova


RV Post-production work by Maya Syakolova


RV Post-production work by Maya Syakolova