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April, 2017

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I had journeyed – endless nights and days. Seeking. Searching. At last I found it. Gently floating upon a sea of misty clouds. In the infinity of tomorrow was a place unlike any other. Atop waters so crystal clear you could almost kiss a mermaid, plunging into the eternal gorges of forever, there drifts an island, whose snowy mountain peaks gently rise to the universe. He had made his home …

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On the 22 May, the latest session of the REDVERTEX Academy will introduce to its students a brand new set of skills. The Academy will now offer an insight into post-production, taught by REDVERTEX CGI Artist, Tsvetina Dimitrova. “The process of post-production is at the heart of the beautiful illustration,” explained Tsvety. “If you want to bring the raw render to life, you need to be artistic and to know …

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April 2017 - REDVERTEX