REDVERTEX Image of the Month: Milena Popgeorgieva


How do you feel about taking a stroll down with us to the markets?How about the Halloween ones?Follow REDVERTEX Illustrator, Milena Popgeorgieva, to rummage through a few witch’s potions, choose your pumpkin head and come face to face with time.


RV: What inspired you to create this illustration? What is the story you have illustrated?

Milena: When I first saw my task – to create something from a small 3d pumpkin – I was enchanted! This 3d pumpkin was my inspiration. I immediately decided that I wanted to paint a market or a street filled with shops. I wanted to create something more realistic, without including any notion of Halloween. But in the end I decided to go down a completely different creative path, because I love to create strange characters with their own stories. I wanted to show a melancholic market with ghouls, which in the spirit of Halloween, had decided make some extra cash during the festivities.

I love Terry Pratchett and as an artist, he is my main inspiration. The way in which he creates his world – there is nothing too absurd, and everything is depicted in a very normal, everyday manner, making you feel a part of the characters and their stories.

RV: From a technical point of view were there any specifics? How much time?

Milena: There wasn’t anything specific in the illustrating process. It took me around 4-5 days. I used a graphic table and Photoshop.


RV: Is there a specific symbolism with the separate elements (Grim Reaper with the clock, chopped off pumpkin heads) of your illustration?

Milena: Death (a persona inspired by the world of Terry Pratchet) is selling clocks, which are counting down the hours left for the living. Everyone has their own clock, but as Death does not control them, he decides that there is nothing wrong in earning a little money during the holiday… The witch has decided to have a sale on her potions, as there is not much profit at the market tonight and she does not want to have to carry everything back on her broom stick. The pumpkin scarecrow is not worried, because he knows that everyone is always seeking a pumpkin head. He is tired from the village life and he has come to the big city in search of more important clients. He can make heads even for the most capricious taste. Of course, not all of his attempts have been successful, but he has been in the pumpkin business for quite some time and he can sell to the more unpretentious customers heads on a very good price, even the ones, which have fallen down…

Behind the market there are plenty of stands, but they tell another story.

RV:And how about the 'REDVERTEX' sign?

Milena: On the glass, there was going to be just a bloody hand print, but in the end I decided that my colleagues have a good sense of humor, so I decided to tease them with the 'REDVERTEX' sign at the back.

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