REDVERTEX visualizations - finalists in competition for DEWA’s new HQ


REDVERTEX visualizations, designed by HKR Architects for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), were shortlisted as finalists in the International Design Competition.

Back in early 2016, we were contacted to create six CGIs (four exterior and two interior views) representing HKR’s entry for the new DEWA office headquarters in Dubai.

The brief for all participating in the competition was quite simple – to create a Zero Energy Building,

Ivaylo Kovachev, REDVERTEX CG Artist, who led the project remembered: “The HKR design was very innovative. Photovoltaic panels (which capture the sun’s energy) composed one of the building’s facades to create an eco-friendly environment.”

HKR entry in the DEWA competition

“My favorite part of the design involved another part of the exterior,” recalled Ivaylo. “The HKR architects had created a unique kinetic façade to harbor the wind’s energy. The façade is made up of small metallic pieces which are to illustrate the wind motion of passing by metro trains. To show this in our visualizations, I observed the motion of a water wave and used the texture along with a Forrest Pack plugin.”

Rossitsa Radomirova, worked on the interiors of the new DEWA centre.

“We had quite an urgent deadline to meet with this project as it was to participate in the competition,” mentioned Rossi. “It was my pleasure to be working on this brief, which could in the end bring something new to the table of architecture and interiors- mainly a more energy efficient office space for all.”

Interior of the HKR entry for DEWA