I had journeyed –endless nights and days. Seeking. Searching. At last, I found it. Gently floating upon a sea of misty clouds. In the infinity of tomorrow was a place unlike any other. Atop waters so crystal clear, you could almost kiss a mermaid, plunging into the eternal gorges of forever, there drifts an island, whose snowy mountain peaks gently rise to the universe. He had made his home there. The stargazer, the thinker, the aesthete, the nemophilist. Underneath the tree of knowledge, there he sat, reading- of light, of darkness.

Welcome! To a world of magic, of adventure- where a thousand dreams combine to make a single universe become a single reality. The 3D world of Kubi.

Up in the clouds Up in the clouds

Most of us at REDVERTEX are very familiar with Kubi Tomov's work.

Kubi: I am a CGI artist- I create architectural visualizations with 3ds max. For me personally, the most interesting aspect of my work is creating the landscape renders- I could work on busy streets with loads of roads and pavements and natural environment for hours. As well, I am part of the team, which usually receives the more difficult assignments and animations. Due to this, I have learned and mastered a lot of skills through the seven years, I have been at REDVERTEX.

Aside from work, Kubi has many hobbies. Reading, hiking, observing the solar system with his telescope. And his 3D artwork.

The Ebon Hawk Star Wars's the Ebon Hawk

Kubi: Back in the late 2004, one of my classmates showed me how to work with 3ds max and I was very impressed. Ever since then, 3D became my way of expressing my creativity, my pleasure, my way to present my emotional and intellectual energy. My illustrations usually depict books or games.


It is the late 2013/2014 and Kubi has taken inspiration from a series of Star Wars games.

I want to take you on a journey. To a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Ever since defeating the Galactic Empire, all has been peaceful in the universe. But alas, a new, sinister threat is rising. Our new hope is rested upon the valiant crew of the Ebon Hawk and their journey to the city of clouds…

The Ebon Hawk in the city of clouds The Ebon Hawk in the city of clouds

Kubi: This game really inspired me to create the Ebon Hawk and add life to it via the background- the platforms and the typical for Star Wars cities in the sky.

Probably Kubi’s next project will be even more impressive to you.

Kubi: One of my friends asked me to help him develop a MODE for the game Fall Out 2. Thus, I created a cathedral- shabby, abandoned, haunted. I wanted to play around with a plugin, which is for smoke simulation and falling objects. The final result is below.

The Fall Out 2: Cathedral The Fall Out 2: Cathedral

Kubi: The next two illustrations are for two of my friends. The first is for a friend of mine, who works as a lecturer at a university. Since she’s very diligent and scholarly, I created her an altar of knowledge. This middle age fantasy took me a day to create.

The altar of knowledge The Altar of Knowledge

Kubi: The tuned, hot road ladybug was next. My friend, whose Skype nickname is the crazy ladybug, needed a birthday card. I created this for her.

The crazy ladybug The Crazy Ladybug

I hope that you have enjoyed your journey through this other world. Which is different in a way. It is to show something, which you cannot reach through work or your everyday life. An alternative. Which focuses on harmony and balance and in some cases- chaos and misbalance.