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Mihail Petrov

Senior CG Artist

What do you do at REDVERTEX?
– As a Senior CG artist I solve problems and as a person with a law degree I wreak confusion among my colleagues.

When was the moment you knew that this was the job for you?
– For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by structures and materials. Along the way I have always leaned toward some form of art. But as a job – the moment definitely came after I entered the REDVERTEX world. The atmosphere here is so versatile, it got me hooked before I knew it.

What is the most interesting moment of your daily life as a Senior CG Artist?
– The quiet before the storm / The calmness that takes over after I accomplish what initially appeared to be impossible.

What is your dream project?
– I would rather call it a plan than a dream. In its core essence, it is the right balance between light and shadow, built with raw materials and surrounded by a landscape that looks untouched by human hand.

How do you relax?
Long-distance running;

Gardening – mostly tomatoes and herbs;

Cooking for friends and family;

Staring bemused at seemingly insignificant objects;

And all of the above in the accompaniment of my ever-growing music collection.

What are the top three things you can’t live without?
– My wife;
– Mountaineering
– Change in the world in and around me.

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