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Nevyana Tomeva

Senior CG Artist

What do you do at REDVERTEX?
– Architect & Senior CG Artist.

When was the moment you knew that this was the job for you?
– Before I applied for the job, I just had the feeling that I have to “Go for it” – to try to develop myself in the rendering field. I wanted to do it in the best company in the country. I did it. 🙂

What is the most interesting moment of your daily life as a Senior CG Artist?
– The teamwork with the colleagues is the most challenging and fun part.

What is your dream project?
– A dream project would be one with architecture, matching my own visions for composition, style, materials and mood and a client with whom we have smooth communication.

How do you relax?
– Spending time with my closest people;

– Listening to music and dancing (if no one is watching);

– Enjoying the nature.

What are the top three things you can’t live without?
– My family and friends;
– Good music;
– Laugh.

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