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Tsvetina Dimitrova

Senior CG Artist

What do you do at REDVERTEX?
I work as a Senior CG Artist.

When was the moment you knew that this was the job for you?
On the first day, when I sat behind the monitor and saw the artistic magics done at this place.

What is the most interesting moment of your daily life as a Senior CG Artist?
The moment it comes to your mind to insert some hidden inside joke in the background of the image and wonder whether anyone will notice… 😀

What is your dream project?
Projects that get realized and then it is possible to compare a photo with an image.

It would be great if we could work on society-orientated projects…

How do you relax?
Mountain, sky, wind in the hair, bird songs and sun…

What are the top three things you can’t live without?
Nice red wine;
Some chocolate.

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