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We are REDVERTEX. Digital Artists.
Awarded Studio. Let’s work together!


Founded in 2008, REDVERTEX is a creative studio specializing in architectural visualizations, animations and VR experience.

Working on a significant number of high profile projects across the world, has gained extensive experience in creating award winning architectural CGIs and films.

As part of our truly global concept our offices in Los Angeles, Dubai, Lyon and Sofia are getting closer than ever to our Clients.


Architectural Visualizations

We bring architectural design to life and always care even the smallest details. We constantly strive to create the most engaging storytelling and compelling lifestyle visuals. The key of the architectural understanding is the added value that we are proud of. We provide architectural photography shooting on site and drone filming.
Emphasizing in the specific qualities of each project and creating all kind of emotions within the image frame.


We provide a wide range of animation services tailored to the specific requirements of each project. We use a suite of tools, styles and techniques to develop the storytelling.
Our expert team of architects and animators are equipped with all the skills and technology needed to create unique visuals.

VR experience

Immersive VR experiences are the new style in visualizing architecture. We interpret architecture in its visual and sensual richness. Teleport your customers into fully interactive 3D environments, 360 views and virtual tours of rooms, buildings and master plan projects. Exciting virtual reality times are coming.

Feedback from our clients:


REDVERTEX creative team of over 180 graduated architects and fine artists are keen for each project across the whole World.

We work exclusively for the Real Estate and Architectural industry. Our focus means that we are constantly responding to the requirements of the design industry.


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