AGEAS Headquarters

  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Project Ageas Headquarters
  • Services

    Visual renderings, Creative Management

  • Client Broadway Malyan
Occupying several buildings across Lisbon, Belgian insurance company Ageas has consolidated its operations into a new headquarters building and commissioned Broadway Malyan to create a space that responded to current and future work trends while also reflecting the company’s strong culture, mission, and purpose.
Throughout the building are a range of different private and semi-private areas, each adaptable to the changing needs of the space, each workspace a piece that can be moved to meet the circumstance. The design of the more focused work areas includes a range of solutions including traditional benches with task seating, high tables, meeting pods and lounge areas for informal working and meetings. There are also no enclosed offices on the executive floor with a uniformity of approach throughout the building, amplifying the ethos of collaboration.
This is yet another excellent opportunity for REDVERTEX to work with Broadway Malyan on this remarkable project. We appreciate being taken on board with this exciting idea.