• Location Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Project Golden Age
  • Services

    Visual renderings, Art Direction, Creative Management

  • Client Arteks Engineering

The building changes its environment and belongs to its own community. The visible, tangible influence of the spirit, the place and the people. This is why, what is already constructed should add spiritual value, to calm down, fulfill and lift the human race.

GOLDEN AGE will rise to the height of avant-garde aesthetics, innovative technologies and the quality of life can only be provided by the architecture that puts the happiness of the people first.

A high-rise building saves land where it is the most scarce and expensive bringing to the urban environment what is beneficial to the area and the city. Besides the floors of residential spaces, GOLDEN AGE building provides also open public spaces, The first two levels are occupied by them: a shopping center, a coffee shop, a club, a dance, pilates and yoga spaces.
Arteks Engineering marks the beginning of the new GOLDEN AGE with its building of the same name called GOLDEN AGE which symbolizes change, perfection and a strong impetus for development. The building serves as an iconic sign which shows that Bulgaria is on the verge of achieving a boom, and is stepping into the future as a truly dignified European country.