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  • Project Pinecone
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    Art Direction, Visual Renderings, Creative Management

  • Client Internal competition, EURO ARCH CGI
Inspired by nature and architecture, Hristo Rizov – Associate Director at REDVERTEX, created a living Pinecone. The project symbolizes the symbiosis of the tenderness and softness of the foliage and the sharpness of the mild brutalism of concrete. Wherever he is, he finds endless inspiration in architecture that perfectly blends buildings and nature. Their relationship is like a conversation between space and the environment. "For me, this is architecture. A fine combination between the present and the past," Hristo says. He would create Pinecone in the city center to invoke thoughts of nature. It isn’t a coincidence that the terraces have greenery. This shows life's passage from the outside in.
A vision where nature and architecture collide.