RV Home

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  • Project RV Home
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    Art Direction, Visual Renderings, Creative Management

  • Client Internal competition, EURO ARCH CGI
Inspired by life's ever-shifting light, Stoyan Daskalov, Director of CG at REDVERTEX, molds a contrasting space called RV Home. Within its glass walls, soft sunlight and impulsive luminescence will inspire its inhabitants, providing warmth and comfort throughout the day. Ignited by the ever-changing reflectivity and refractive play of light and glass, the simple design blends seamlessly with the surrounding world. As a contrasting feature, the curtain walls "open" at night, revealing an interior full of magic and creativity. "I draw inspiration from every small detail in our Sofia office, constantly reminding RV Home inhabitants of home's essence," Stoyan passionately reveals.
A vision of seamless integration between work and home.