88 Cardinet Office

  • Location Paris, France
  • Project 88 Cardinet Office
  • Services

    Visual renderings, Creative Management

  • Client Quadri Fiore Architecture
When it comes to renovation in the heart of Paris, main goal is to create a new visual identity that works in symbiosis with the surrounding traditional architecture.
Quadri Fiore's proposal on 88 Cardinet Office building focuses on creating an environment that is sufficient enough as a working space, while also providing an inviting atmosphere for both employees and visitors. Leading principle of the project is arranging working areas to be surrounded by green spaces, such as internal gardens and the central one above the lobby - heart of the building. Catching the eye of the passersby with its vertical surrounding structure, it also creates a space of relief for the co-workers. Lobby, prominent and fully glazed, leads you to a warm inviting atmosphere. Design solutions for the interior are brave, as well as comforting. Going through the main entrance you will find yourself into a bright and welcoming space, result of the extensive window glazing on the calling that allows natural light pouring in.
Supporting Quadri Fiore with the project visuals is a perfect example of what can be achieved when working together as a team of architects and visual artists.