Harpa Concert Hall

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  • Project Harpa Concert Hall
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    Art Direction, Visual Renderings, Creative Management

  • Client Internal competition, EURO ARCH CGI
Inspired by the existing Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Petar Popov – CG Artist at REDVERTEX – recreated it from his personal perspective. Being in love with Scandinavia, the project he created was influenced by his trip to Iceland. Determined to visit this wonderous country because of its emblematic landscape, he later fell in love with its architecture. Harpa became a real inspiration because of its captivating appearance. When the weather is gloomy, so is the hall. But when the sunbeams flash through the building glass, the blocks’ tones become dynamic, variegated with incredibly vivid colors. As Iceland is mostly known for its grey weather, Petar wanted to present the hall with a different outlook. He implemented more greenery in the surrounding area and sunlight, so the project brings a warm touch. “When I look at my project, I see not only architecture. I see growth. I imagine the hall being a place where people can learn mentally and spiritually through museum rooms, galleries, and workshops.” – Petar shared.
A vision where music and the mind collide.